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Fight interesting bosses and complete quests. Get sparks and open chests to get the souls of heroes!





The final preparations for the Summer Festival are completed. Everything that has been planned is ready, and the butler has finally arranged with the pyromancer for the fireworks after the sea parade. Now is a good time to go to the tavern for a mug or two because there is not much time left before the festival, and no more surprises are expected...

Complete Quests! Get sparks!
Open event chests to find the souls of the heroes: Jaxy the Thunderfist, All Prince of Sands, and Grace of Rockfleet!

FULL SAIL starts on July 30 at 10:00 (UTC).
Sparks will disappear with the end of the event, so make sure to spend them before that!


Summer Festival

Heroes! Oh, it's so hot!

Time to pull out your favorite shorts and shirt, head to the lounge chair and enjoy the Summer Festival in Mighty Party!

Catch a wave, defeat the Bosses in the Pit, leisurely sip tropical drinks, and immerse yourself in this epic celebration in the company of a new hero, Grace of Rockfleet!

And for the most attentive and those who want to enjoy the holiday to the fullest, we will prepare a promo code and post it on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/mightyparty.game/

Don't wait for too long. Like any vacation, Summer Festival will be over before you know it.

Follow the news and stay tuned!


Update from 2021.07.20


General changes: - Changed the balance of the "High Growth" fable;
- Updated the design of the quest window.

Bugs Fixes:
- Fixed a bug with incorrect display of captured cell owner in Turf War;
- Fixed a bug with missing progress;
- Fixed incorrect display of the number of souls received from the Journey Chest;
- Fixed a bug with the appearance of offers with sparks after the end of the Event;
- Fixed a bug with counting Battle Pass chests in Event quests;
- Fixed other minor and visual bugs.

Stay tuned!