November 20, 2017

Heroes! There will be new awesome cards and Event soon, meanwhile, we have a bunch of small changes and improvements:

✔ Defence “Power” is decreased by 70% at the beginning of every “Turf War” day now;
✔ Added an option to choose all cards of one race in “Turf War”;
✔ Every use of “Elixir” adds +30% “Power” (was 10%);
✔ Guild Leader can make a “Message of the Day” for his guildmates;
✔ If the player joins the “Tournament” he will get opponents depending on his maximum achieved league;
✔ All guildmates get “Elixir” when player makes an in-game purchase;
✔ Special offer “Happy 5 Minutes” removed from the game (Steam and Gameroom);
✔ Fixed an issue where more journey keys than it should be subtracted sometimes;