June 10, 2019

New Changes in the Offers system:

1) After each League-Up (starting at League 14) a special «League Offers» menu will become available.

2) The price for the «Extra slots» offer was considerably reduced. Therefore, a number of items within were proportionally decreased as well.

Game Mode Changes:

1) Guild Shifts are now limited. If you change your Guild very frequently, you’ll receive a penalty and you won’t be able to participate in the Turf Wars and/or use Guild Bonuses.

2) At the Divine Arena game mode, the «Men Vs. Women» battle was modified. Moreover, a new battle level was added.

Visual Changes:

1) New Egyptian-style background in the PvP mode.

2) New attack animations for TNT, Crazy Demolitionist, Mr. Boom and Fireworker.

Other changes:

1) The 1st ability of Mi, Ten-Tailed Fox was changed: starting now, she deals damage equal to 50% percent of a random enemy’s HP. This 50 percent will increase with each Level Up and each Reborn.

2) Fixed a bug with the Divine Shield in battles.

3) A new filter was added to the «Squad» menu. It will single out those heroes who are ready to be Reborn.

4) Incorrect display of Might after Hero Promotion was fixed.

5) Game performance is increased.

6) A bug with incorrect sorting of presents from friends was fixed.

7) Hero Attacks and Misses bug was fixed. From now on, these heroes won’t get any damage from the spiked heroes and heroes with counter attacks.

8) Dream Whelpling and Emerald Dragon HP and ATK indicators were changed: it was decreased on the low leagues and was increased on the high ones.

9) Fixed an error with AI being incapable of using Og’Ord, Crusher’s abilities.

10) Anti-cheat system improvements.

11) Chat errors were fixed.

12) Medal delivery error was fixed.