February 28, 2019

We’ve decided to change the balance of rewards for the Event completion:

– A correlation between Event Ranking and Chest’s Items is corrected;

– The total amount of gold in the chests is increased;

– Friend’s coins are not included in the chests anymore;

– Gold Dust is included in every chest in larger quantity;

Other changes:

– Adam’s new skin (available from March, 1st);

– Event Shop rewards are increased;

– Event Shop Bonus Chest is available after a bigger amount of purchases;

– VIP points independent of gems are added;

– Rewards for every single purchase of a disciple are now increased;

– Disciples won’t receive a reward for their Teacher’s purchases;

– A legendary hero is guaranteed for every special X10 summon;

– New special Divine Arena;

– The level-up description is fixed;

– Windsong’s first skill is fixed;

We’re also glad to present you a new Fight Mode in Gold Mine! Smash as many statues as you can! Every smashed statue gives you gold. A level of Mine increases with your rank automatically! The higher the level, the more gold you get!