January 31, 2019

HEROES! The New Update is now available! The Spring Festival is on the doorstep!
We’ve prepared some new features to mark this holiday!

✔ A theme-styled game window;
✔ New BOSSES will appear in the Pit on February, the 4th;
✔ A special holiday SUMMON will be available on February, the 5th. Don’t miss your chance!

Since we’ve received many requests to revise the Pit, we’ve done what you had asked for!
Now the Pit will refresh once in a week.
Day 1. The first Boss is unlocked;
Day 2. The second Boss is unlocked;
. . .
Day 5. All the Bosses are unlocked.
Your victory rewards will be increased as well!


✔ Starter EXP is improved;
✔ Visual bugs are fixed;
✔ Character descriptions are fixed;
✔ New changes in the rewards for the PvP season.