November 29, 2018

After reviewing all your feedbacks, we’ve decided to make a number of changes.
These changes will allow our newcomers to join the world faster than before.
For the experienced players, we’ve made some changes to the matchmaking.

What’s new:

 New Christmas Interface;
 New Level for Journey Mode;
 List of Favorites is created in Squad Menu;
 New Battle AI Helper: if the difficulty is too high for you, our AI will propose an optimum solution;
 Starter’s EXP is Improved;
 Anti-Cheat System is Improved;
 Interface Animations are Improved;

Other changes:

 Raids Balance is сhanged: Opponents are selected depending on the League level obtained at the end of the season;

 The “Immunity” ability is changed: from now on, creates with such an ability can also initiate abilities of other characters;

 The “Reborn” ability is changed: from now on, abilities triggering while entering the battlefield are triggered during the reborn as well;

 Player’s info and stats are now available in the upper left corner of the screen (the “i” button near your nickname);

 The exact number of available PvP chest slots is now displayed on the main screen and in the PvP.