October 10, 2018

Heroes, the new update is available! We’ve analyzed the rewards from different modes and decided to rebalance them. But the total number of rewards stays the same. Meet the changes:

✔️ Rewards for victory in “Dark Tower” were decreased;
✔️ Rewards for victory in “Guilds War” were doubled;
✔️ Rewards for victory in “Raids” were doubled;
✔️ Number of souls that could be received for victory in “Journey” decreased;
✔️ Number of souls in PvP chests and for new league chests were increased: a higher league gives better rewards;
✔️ Chances to get rare, mega rare and epic chests became higher, chances to get common ones were decreased ;
✔️ Rewards for The End of the Season were increased considerably;
✔️ Lots’ changes in “Dark Tower” and “Journey” shops: chances to get a lot with epic cards were decreased, added new lot with elixir;

We also prepare some changes for “Raids” mode:

✔️ New rules were added (read more in mode description in the game);
✔️ Before the start of “Raids” player stand in line, the battle begins only when there are at least three players;
✔️ Rewards for the victory were increased;
✔️ Rewards progress bar became weekly;
✔️ Added the possibility to speed up the troops that can be activated for elixir;
✔️ Balance of attack/defense was changed;
✔️ Button of attack boost was added on every enemy’s castle;
✔️ Added resources as a reward for enemy’s castle destroying;

Other changes:

✔️ Opponents in “Dark Tower” became easier;
✔️ Support window: added the topics of the messages;
✔️ Guild chat visual changes;
✔️ Added the “Pit” shop;
✔️ VIP: added new bonus – possibility to refresh “Pit” shop (available from level 4), added the information about the doubled Daily Bonuses, visual changes;
✔️ Added Level 6 in Epic Quests;
✔️ New unique bundles with elixir and gems;
✔️ New chests slots, gems’ sales and additional bundles are available for players of lower leagues;
✔️ Gold Dust is available in the shops from League 25;
✔️ Added “Gallery” visual changes;
✔️ Added possibility to get all rewards from friends by one click;
✔️ Epic Quests: bugs fixing;
✔️ Amount of experience for getting a new rank was decreased starting from rank 601;