June 5, 2018

The “Event” system changed.

 “Event” cards will be no longer added to the general card pool. New cards can be collected during the “Event” only. And if the card was unlocked, it’ll start drop from all available sources. Old “Events” will happen periodically, so all new players will be able to get all cards.
This change will decrease the whole card collection for each player that will increase the level-up speed of the obtained cards. And it will give more opportunities for improving specific “Event” card.

Accordingly to that change cards that are locked on the specific League were rearranged. The following cards were removed from the general card pool:
Groot, Silent Guardian, Treebeard, Treant; Loath, Spore Loser, Sporelok, Shroomkin; El Mariachi, El Cactus, Cactusito; Chernomor, Dark Knight, Dark Warrior; Leader Nilen, Embalmed Priest, Mummy; Koschei the Immortal, Bone Warrior, Skeleton; Ghosta, Dark Huntress, Drow; Evil “Santa”, Evil’s Helper, Ding Viesel; Iceberg, Ice Clod, Piece of Ice; Mi, Ten-Tailed Fox, Lolli Pop, Baby rattle; Grand Ma, Reaper, Harbinger of Death, Old bones; Super Mary, Lady Curl, Wonder-girl; Draggara, Wild Tamer, Represser.

 Be aware that Recommended Might was accordingly adjusted.

 Mini-events that affect core gameplay (For example: “All Heroes get new skill: Death: 10 DMG to enemy Warlord) were removed from the game for now. It was a bad decision to make them individual for every player. We will return them back with one of the next updates, but they will be server wide. So all players will have the same mini-event.