May 28, 2018

Mighty Party Update 28.05.2018

 New warlord skins!

There are more possibilities to personalize your play style now. With the new skin, warlord gets a new unique ability instead of a previous one.

Adam, the King of the North:
The second skill: Summons 2 Knights n/n;

Trixy, the Spider Queen:
The first skill: Poisons n enemies;

White Shaman:
The second skill: Summons 2 Totems with “Reflection”
“Reflection” – “Attacked: Returns all taken DMG to enemy Warlord”;

Harbinger of Darkness:
The first skill: Set enemies ATK to 1 for 1 Turn;
The second skill: Summons ranged Demon n/n with “Set of Attack”
“Set of Attack” – “Attack: Set ATK of two random enemies to 1 for 1 Turn”;

 “Turf War” changes:
All guild members get Contribution daily in “Reward” box. The amount depends on the level of ‘Turf War” room the guild is in at the moment. Be aware that Contribution isn’t stored in “Reward Box”. If the older reward isn’t accepted, the new one won’t show up.

Dev’s note: We decided not to revert back “giving influence for placed troops” for now and made that change. It should return the amount of received Contribution to the original values as it was “for sending troops” and increase the profit to be in the high “Turf War” room for all guilds.

 Teacher-disciple get 5% of purchased gems now (was 10%);

 Discount for the chained summon is now reset after quitting “Bank”;

 The interface of ‘Bank” was improved;

 The interface of daily rewards was improved. Some daily rewards are doubled for all owners of active VIP;

 Anti-cheat system was significantly updated and we keep improving it;

The following changes will be added to the release server on June, 5:

 The “Event” system will be changed. “Event” cards will be no longer added to the general card pool. New cards can be collected during the “Event” only. And if the card was unlocked, it’ll start drop from all available sources. Old “Events” will happen periodically, so all new players will be able to get all cards.
This change will decrease the whole card collection for each player that will increase the level-up speed of the obtained cards. And it will give more opportunities for improving specific “Event” card.

 Accordingly to that change cards that are locked on the specific League will be rearranged. The following cards will be removed from the general card pool:
Groot, Silent Guardian, Treebeard, Treant; Loath, Spore Loser, Sporelok, Shroomkin; El Mariachi, El Cactus, Cactusito; Chernomor, Dark Knight, Dark Warrior; Leader Nilen, Embalmed Priest, Mummy; Koschei the Immortal, Bone Warrior, Skeleton; Ghosta, Dark Huntress, Drow; Evil “Santa”, Evil’s Helper, Ding Viesel; Iceberg, Ice Clod, Piece of Ice; Mi, Ten-Tailed Fox, Lolli Pop, Baby rattle; Grand Ma, Reaper, Harbinger of Death, Old bones; Super Mary, Lady Curl, Wonder-girl; Draggara, Wild Tamer, Represser.

 Be aware that Recommended Might will be accordingly adjusted.