April 5, 2018

Mighty Party Update: “Turf Wars” changes (Start working with the beginning of the next “Turf War”, 9.04):
– Reward for troops sending changed from Contribution to Gold;
– All cells have Contribution as a reward;
– Rewards for the common provincial cells were slightly decreased, rewards for the common central cells were increased;
– Rewards for “Landmarks” in the center of the map were increased;

Dev’s note: This is the first stage of big “Turf Wars” changes. Those changes increase the value of the central cells. We believe that efforts guilds make to conquer and hold the central cells should be rewarded more. At the same time the provincial cells, where guilds are spawned, are easy to capture and so should give fewer rewards comparing to the central ones.

✔ VIP levels and bonuses were rebalanced. VIP was accordingly recounted for all players with any VIP level;

✔ Cost of “Boost” for the high-level cards was increased;

Dev’s note: At the current system level-up of the card from level 21 to level 22 gives bigger effect than her upgrade from level 1 to level 2. So the cost of “Boost” should be proportionate to received improvement.

✔ Many fights on Divine Arena updated, added new confrontations;

✔ Improved “bad drop protection”. Situations, when there is a long-streak of common chests, will occur more rarely;

✔ Select the particular amount of “Elixir” is much easier now with the new slider feature;

✔ Added many new icons and flags for guild emblem;

✔ Added many bosses in “Journey”;

✔ Fixed an issue where “Draggara’s” second skill works incorrectly with Son of Woods spikes;

✔ A typo in “Description” word on the Loading screen was fixed. You are welcome, Bloody9.