February 8, 2018

The new update with the upcoming event and a bunch of cool features is now live:
New event (starts on February 14):
Breathtaking story about heroes, betrayal, and, of course, the endless love.
– 9 new cards
– Updated Event map

Other changes:
✔ All cards can be improved till lvl 26 included now. Legendary and Epic cards got the new “Reborn” stage, that is available on level 21. Warlords got new levels as well;

✔ Info about VIP and VIP bonuses significantly updated;

✔ Some lots in “Bank” give much more bonus “VIP Time” now. 4.99 USD – 1 day, 19.99 USD – 2 days (Be aware that prices can be different depending on your country price policy on platform you play)
✔ The new skills of the upcoming Event cards are gender-sensitive. A necessary string added in “Info” window;
✔ Double evolution rule for the “Event” heroes removed from the game. Double summon of “Event” heroes is still available;
✔ Heroes with “Flight” skill can attack each other, whether they are Melee heroes or not;
✔ “Find” feature added to “Journey”. It’s easy to find needed stage now;

✔ Guild members window now contains info about how many Elixir each member has spent during the current “Turf War” day;
✔ Tap on bubbles with Warlords’ phrases closes them;
✔ Fixed an issue where Melee heroes have stayed on the enemy side of the battlefield right after they attacked;
✔ Many small fixes for the chat.

Dev’s Note: We’re aware of the situation with “Groot, Silent Guardian” and “Tengu, Ravencrest”. We will try to consider all your feedback and suggestions.