January 18, 2018


The new update is now live:

✔ New event (starts on January 19):
Evil Santa defeated, and winter gradually leaves the Pangea world. Nature is filled with life. But brave heroes are hearing the rumors that strange force is hiding in the deep forest.
– 7 new cards
– Updated Event map
– Breathtaking journey

Event cards:

Dev’s Note: Be aware that all numbers are shown for the unpromoted versions of cards


“Loath, Spore Loser” – 6/33, Melee
✔ Gives all enemies: Death: 5 DMG to adjacent heroes;
✔ Attacked: Heals adjacent allies for 5 HP;
✔ Start of turn: 3 DMG to all enemies;

“Groot, Silent Guardian” – 5/43, Melee
✔ Silences all enemies;
✔ Regeneration +5 HP;
✔ Block 2;

“Tengu, Ravencrest” – 11/11, Ranged
✔ +4 ATK to Nature allies;
✔ Ally’s Regeneration triggered: +4 ATK to himself;
✔ Enemy appears: Set enemy Attack to 0 for 1 turn;


“Sporelok” – 4/25, Melee
✔ Gives allies in line: Start of Turn: +3 ATK to himself;
✔ Gives enemies in line: Start of Turn: -2 ATK to himself;

“Treebeard” – 3/27, Melee
✔ Attacked: +2 ATK to himself;
✔ Regeneration +4 HP;


“Shroomkin” – 2/17, Melee
✔ Gives random ally: Death: Heals adjacent heroes for 6 HP;

“Treant” – 1/20, Melee
✔ Attacked: Gives Block 1 to himself;
✔ Regeneration +2 HP;

Other changes:

✔ Description of the VIP benefits updated;

✔ Added special bundles that unlock extra chest slots in PVP;

✔ Shop now has “VIP Time” lots: 7 days for 4.99 USD; 30 days for 19.99 USD (Be aware that prices can be changed depending on your country price policy)

✔ Added an opportunity to send a guild invitation to the players that are already members of any guild;

✔ Guild Master and officers get much more Elixir from “Guild Fountain” now;

✔ All held cells are shown the maximum “Riot” chance. It’s no longer that obvious where Riot will happen;

✔ Added a special context menu with different emoticons in the chat window;

✔ The maximum rank is 500 now;

✔ Many interface and chat improvements.