December 21, 2017

Mighty Party Holiday Update

Christmas is almost here, and we are pleased to bring wonderful holiday atmosphere, new features, and gifts for heroes in Mighty Party. Don’t forget to log into the game and get Christmas Presents on December 25.

✔ Christmas Event:
Evil Santa covered Pangea World with snow and cold and brought mighty ice soldiers with him. Are you brave enough to fight back and find the real Santa? A new epic Journey with 9 new event cards.

✔ Global and “Turf War” room chats.
Do you want to find a new friend or guildmate? Discuss the current “Turf War” with your rivals or even make an alliance. All of these is easier now!

✔ VIP feature upgrade
All in-game purchases will activate temporary VIP. VIP duration depends on the number of the purchased gems. VIP level will grow as it does now. If you have, for example, VIP level 3, it will be the same after an update.
Bonuses of the current VIP level work only while VIP is active. The list of bonuses:

Additional daily rewards
Gem mine
Decrease of the evolving price
More gold
Auto-combat(in regular PVP, Brawl, and Dark Tower)
More attempts in Dark Tower
Decrease of “Boost” price
Shop refreshes etc

All VIP bonuses that players have now(depending on their VIP level) will be permanent to them:

Additional chest slots
Gem mine level
Shop refreshes etc

Other Changes:

✔ Amount of cards in Bundles without gems increased;


“Lucky Rabbit”
She no longer freezes Buildings