July 19, 2017

Upcoming Update

Cost of chests “speed-ups” will be significantly decreased;

“All-Father” will get a new skin and will be renamed;

“Path of Hero” will be extremely prolonged, some “hard” tasks will be rebalanced;

“Divine Arena” will be available once every three days now. Rewards will be accordingly improved.

Excess of spent cards will be returned in case of “Reborn”.
For example, you have lvl 15 card and 300 “extra copies” of it, and you decide to use the second reborn that is available from lvl 11. After that “Reborn” you will have lvl 1 reborned card and 300 “extra copies” of it and also you will get back all cards that were spent on leveling this card from lvl 11 till lvl 15.

“Recommended Might” in “Journey” will show the correct values, finally;

Cards will have info about their Race and Might;

Splash will no longer trigger if warlord was the main attacked target;

Divine Shield will be removed even if attack was fully blocked;

Will be fixed an issue where “Level-up Gold Mine” task in “Path of Hero” was not possible to complete if player already has the max-leveled Gold-Mine;

Will be added 3 cards with new fight mechanics – “Poisoning”. Units that are affected by “Poisoning” get damage every turn;

Dev’s Note: Be aware that all numbers are shown for the unpromoted versions of cards

“Queen Ananta” – 14/14, Melee, Legendary
All enemies get Poisoning 2;
+1 HP herself for each Poosoning triggering;
Death: attacked enemy gets Poisoning 6;

“High Naga” – 8/12, Melee, Epic
Attack: enemies in line get Poisoning 2;
+2 ATK herself for each Poisoning triggering;

“Naga” – 4/5, Melee, Rare
Attack: ememy gets Poisoning 3;
+1 HP to Nature allies for each Poisoning triggering