Rescue Mission

March 23, 2018

The new “Event” is coming:

“Rescue Mission” (starts on March 23):

The greatest heroes from all parts of Pangea arrived to participate in the main tournament of the world. Fire mages left the Tower of Flame, engineer gnomes’ workshops stopped their work. The world is like a storm waiting to break, everyone is waiting for the new champion. But suddenly the strongest pretenders have started disappearing. Can you reveal the secret organization and their unfair game?

Dev’s Note: Be aware that all numbers are shown for the unpromoted versions of cards.


“Fury, The Great Warrior” – 4/12, Melee
✔ Quadro attack;
✔ Kill: +2 АТК to himself;

“Strik, The Fiery Heart” – 14/9, Ranged
✔ Attack: Gives +6 ATK to allies for 1 turn;
✔ Gets “1 DMG to all enemies around target in radius 2” for each hero on the battlefield;
✔ End of turn: Gives Splash to a random ally;

“High Tinker Gear” – 6/34, Melee
✔ Attacked: Heals friendly Warlord for 8-14 HP;
✔ Attack: 8 DMG to Nature enemies;
✔ Summons 1 Mini-Tesla X 0/25 on a random ranged cell;


“Cruel Gladiator” – 7/13, Melee
✔ 12 DMG to a random enemy;
✔ Order ally attacks: +2 to himself;

“Flame Juggler” – 6/10, Ranged
✔ Ally’s Splash triggered: 3 DMG to enemy Warlord;
✔ Any unit death: +2 ATK to himself;


“Berserk” – 5/7, Melee
✔ Kill: +3 АТК ro a random ally;

“Pyromancer” – 7/2, Ranged
✔ Death: Gives Splash 2 to allies;
✔ Splash 3;

Other changes:

“Groot, Silent Guardian” no longer applies “Silence” on “Buildings”;