November 28, 2017

Press Party CONTEST🎁

Clark Kent, Superman’s alter-ego is a reporter at The Daily Planet. Peter Parker – Spider-Man – is a part-time photographer in The Daily Bugle. Are there any talented journalists among our Mighty Heroes? So, to find out it, we have started the new #PressPartyCONTEST 📰
Leave your cool review of Mighty Party!

1st place – 3 LEGENDARY chests
2nd place – 2 LEGENDARY chests
3rd place – 1 LEGENDARY chest
All the participants will get Rare chest as a gift!

– Reviews you can leave on platforms where you play;
– Reviews should contain these two tags #PressPartyCONTEST #MightyParty_Softlaunch
– Review should be written from November 29
(If you’ve already written a review, don’t worry, you can update it);
– The results of the contest will be published on December 18.
– Don’t forget to mention your in-game ID.

BTW Mighty Party has soft launched on Android in CA, UK, AU, NZ, RU and CIS countries Смайлик «smile»:) #MightyParty_Softlaunch