New update!

September 12, 2019

Hero Skill Changes:

1) Ghosta;
2) Stormrage;
3) Shao Lin;
4) Tani Windrunner;
5) Olaf the Red;
6) Demon Huntress;
7) Drow.

From now on, instead of killing enemies instantly, Heroes will deal a significant amount of damage capable to decrease most heroes’ HP down to ZERO. It applies to the heroes with the same rarity and level (including Reborn and Soulbound ones).

Reward Changes:

1) For the older players (playing experience is over 4 months) from League 30 to League 8 all the PvP rewards and goods from the season chests will be reduced.

2) For the newcomers (playing experience is less than 4 months) from League 7 to League GM these rewards and lots will be increased.

Friendship Gifts:

1) From now on you won’t be able to send any epic heroes to your friends.

2) Instead, you’ll be able to receive enough rare cards from your friends to Evolve them into some epic heroes all by yourself.

Gold-giving mechanics changes:

We’ve revised the gold-giving mechanics for PvP victories. This includes: Win Streak Bonuses, Guild Bonuses and VIP Bonuses.

Quest System Revised:

1) The Path of Hero was deleted from the game;

2) A new 10-part quest chain was added;

3) Daily Quests revised;

4) Weekly Quests added;

5) Epic Quests revised:

– Quests which involve collecting 2-, 3-, 5-star Heroes were deleted;
– Skin-related victories were deleted;
– Guild activity quests were added;
– The Hunt quests were added;
– The Pit victory quests were added;
– Evolve-related quests were fixed;
– Divine Arena victory quests were added;
– VIP-related quests were added;
– The Dark Tower victory quests were added;
– The Journey mode’s quest balance was fixed.

Bugs fixing:

1) Prince Gleedy’s third active skill has been fixed;

2) Sudden Death’s bug fixing;

3) Immunity’s bug fixing.