New Event!

December 24, 2018

The new “Event” is available: “XMas in Dungeon”

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! Too bad you’re gonna spend the next couple of weeks in The Winter Dungeon! But don’t you worry, here’s your present! Survive the next 3 days fighting for your life in here and you’ll get a full pardon from His Highness King Winter. Oh, I so envy you! What a happy holiday awaits you!

Dev’s Note: Be aware that all numbers are shown for the unpromoted versions of cards.

New monsters:


“Frost, The Snow Queen” 9/24, ranged;
✔️Ally with Heal appears: freezes random enemy;
✔️Enemy appears: cleanses negative effects of allies around herself;
✔️Start of turn: gives +4 HP to ally warlord for each enemy;


“Lady Snow” 11/7, ranged;
✔️Start of turn: freezes enemies with full health;
✔️End of turn: deals 3 DMG to frozen enemies;


“Snow Maiden” 2/17, ranged;
✔️Start of turn: freezes random enemy in line;
✔️Pierce 4 DMG (available from level 6);

Rebalanced monsters:


“Evil ‘Santa’” 10/15, ranged;
✔️Ally warlord attacked: gives +4 HP to Order allies (new skill);

“Iceberg” 7/29, melee;
✔️End of turn: gets +3 ATK for each hero in line (new skill);
✔️Block 6 (skill original value and improvement after level-up becomes higher);


“Evil’s Helper” 8/11, ranged;
✔️Ally’s Heal triggered: +3 ATK to himself (skill original value and improvement after level-up becomes higher);

“Ice Clod” 5/22, melee;
✔️End of turn: freezes a random enemy except buildings (new skill);
✔️Gets Block 3 for each hero in line (new skill);


“Ding Viesel” 5/8, ranged;
✔️Death: transforms random wounded enemy into Reward box 0/7 (new skill);
✔️Attack: heals random ally for +5 HP (available from level 6);

“Piece Of Ice” 3/15, melee;
✔️Block 3 (available from level 6);