New Event!

November 29, 2018

The new “Event” is coming: “Night of the Lizards” (starts on November 30th at 10:00 (UTC)):

«Sir, King Kostner of Bensalem called. Reports say that some of his royal lizards have combined their forces with some underground reptilians and together they plan to conquer Pangea in order to submerge the kingdom under the water! Pangea and Bensalem are now at peace. Kostner has promised us that if we manage to defeat these rogue troops, he will prosecute them on a fair trial».

Dev’s Note: Be aware that all numbers are shown for the unpromoted versions of cards.

New monsters:


“Snake, The Lizard Prince” 15/11, melee;
✔️ Gets Invulnerability to physical attacks for this turn;
✔️ Start of turn: steals 4 ATK from enemies (except Nature);
✔️ Death: summons 2 Instant Kill Runes on random enemy cells;


“The Killer Serpent” 9/8, melee;
✔️ End of turn: steals 4 ATK from ranged enemies;
✔️ Melee enemy appears: gives -5 ATK to him;


“Lizardfolk” 6/5, melee;
✔️ Summons 1 Instant Kill Rune on the first enemy cell in line;
✔️ Attack: poisons 5 DMG enemy (available from level 6);

Rebalanced monsters:


“Anak, Princess Dragon” 15/10, ranged;
✔️ Skills improvements after level-up become higher;

“Matriarch Eona” 11/25, melee;
✔️ Ally death: gets +7 HP;
✔️ Attack: give 5 DMG to all enemies around the target in radius 2 (skill improvement after level-up becomes higher);


“Wyern” 12/8, ranged;
✔️ Gives +4 HP to melee allies;
✔️ Attack: poisons 4 DMG enemies in line;

“Emerald Dragon” 8/20, melee;
✔️ Skills original values and improvements after level-up become higher;


“Wind Snake” 7/4, ranged;
✔️ Skill improvement after level-up becomes higher;