New Event!

November 15, 2018

The new “Event” is coming:
“Metal Fist of Fury” (starts on November, 16th at 10:00 (UTC)):

«Sir, allow me to tell you the story of Princess Libertine, a former champion of Metal Fist of Fury. A few years ago she won the Tournament and felt that since she is the strongest of all, she must take all the power in her hands. As far as I can tell, the Royal Guard might require your help».

Dev’s Note: Be aware that all numbers are shown for the unpromoted versions of cards.

New monsters:


“Jaxy, The Thunderfist” 7/12, melee;
✔️ Extra attack;
✔️ Gets Block 5 for each hero around herself;
✔️ Evasion;


“Champion Of The Arena” 10/11, melee;
✔️ Gets Block 3 for each hero in line;
✔️ Kill: gets Double attack to herself;


“The Undisputed” 4/8, melee;
✔️ While attacking on enemy warlord: gets Bonus attack equal to her Health;
✔️ Block 4 (available from level 6);

Rebalanced monsters:


“Miss Lapin” 11/12, ranged;
✔️ End of turn: gives Pierce 4 to ranged allies;
✔️ Attack: freezes all enemies in line for 1 turn;
✔️ Ally’s Pierce triggered: gets +3 HP;

“Super Mary” 13/11, melee;
✔️ Gets +4 ATK for each Order hero on the battlefield;
✔️ Attacked: gets Mental Shield;
✔️ Pierce 6 (skill improvement after level-up becomes higher);


“Lucky Rabbit” 8/6, ranged;
✔️ Pierce 3 (skill improvement after level-up becomes higher);
✔️ Freezes 2 random enemies for 1 turn;

“Lady Curl” 9/7, melee;
✔️ Gives Mental Shield to ally with Pierce that appears on the battlefield;
✔️ Order ally’s death: gets +3 ATK;


“Bunny” 5/4, ranged;
✔️ Gives Pierce 3 to random ally (skill improvement after level-up becomes higher);
✔️ Pierce 4 (available from level 6);

“Wonder-Girl” 5/7, melee;
✔️ Pierce 3 (skill improvement after level-up becomes higher);
✔️ Mental Shield (available from level 6);