New event!

June 14, 2018

The new “Event” is coming:

“The Lost Heart” (starts on June 15 at 10:00 (UTC)):
A little girl Vivian lost in a wild forest. Who can fit better than you to be her savior? Unfortunately, the task is getting worse when you arrive at the place…

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Dev’s Note: Be aware that all numbers are shown for the unpromoted versions of cards. Balance changes of cards from the upcoming Event will be applied at the beginning of the Event.


“Marquis De Sat”
 Enemy who attacked gets Poison n;
 Ally’s Spikes triggered: Gives n HP to allies around;
 Death: Heals ally Warlord for n HP;

“El Mariachi”
 Nature ally appears: Transforms a random enemy into Cactus 0/1 with Spikes;
 Ally’s Spikes triggered: n HP to himself;
 Attacked: n DMG to enemies around himself in a radius of 2 cells;

“Erik the Grey”
 Ally was attacked: n ATK to himself;
 Attacked: Gets Invulnerability to Physical DMG for this turn;
 Death: Sets HP of enemy melee heroes to 1;


 Enemy got Poison DMG: Heals ally Warlord for n HP;
 Gives to adjacent allies “Attack: Poisons n enemy”

“El Cactus”
 Ally’s Spikes triggered: n DMG to enemies around himself in a radius of 2 cells;
 Regeneration n;

“Olaf the Red”
 Gets n ATK for each hero around;
 Death: Kills a random enemy Female hero;


“Satyr” – common card was improved to rare
 Attack: Removes Block;
 Death: Heals your Warlord for n HP;

 Splash n;
 Regeneration n;

Other changes:
Spider Queen:
The first skill correctly poisons all enemies now;

King of the North:
Summons Knights in the first row only now;

General Zor’ma:
The third skill correctly works in the first turn;