New event!

May 4, 2018

The new “Event” is coming:

“The Lost Temple” (starts on May 4 at 10:00 (UTC)):
Legends say there is the Lost Temple hidden from human eyes and filled with untold treasures. Many heroes have tried to find it for centuries. Can you get the treasures and escape deadly traps on your way to them?

Dev’s Note: Be aware that all numbers are shown for the unpromoted versions of cards. Balance changes of cards from the upcoming Event will be applied at the beginning of the Event.


“Tani Windrunner”
 New skill: every turn swap herself stats
 Warlord attacked: +3 HP herself;
 Kill: +2 ATK to Nature allies

 Start of Turn: Heals melee allies for +4 HP;
 Before ranged ally attack: Summons Wood Spike on forward;
 Summons Totem 0/50 on forward;

“Coba, Temple Keeper”
 Places 2 Runes of Poison;
 Enemy’s Poison triggered: heals your Warlord for +8 HP;
 Death: Summons Stone Golem 23/74

“Queen Ananta”
 Poisons 3 all enemies;
 Every turn: +2 HP herself for each Poison;
 Death: Poisons 8 attacked enemy;

 Attacked: 1 DMG to enemy Warlord
 Attacked: deals DMG to enemy Warlord equal the DMG he got.
 Ally’s death: heals allies for +7 HP.


 +4 ATK to ranged allies;
 New Skill: Warlord attacked: swaps stats of random melee ally

“Cursed Shaman”
 Summons Totem 0/12 on forward;
 Allys’ Heal triggered: +2 ATK to himself;

“Stone Guardian”
 Start of turn: Give Poison 1 to ranged ally;
 Attacked: Poisons 3 to enemy;


“Wood Elf”
 New skill: swap stats of random enemy;
Gives Melee heroes: Regeneration +3 HP (unlocks on level 11);

 Summons Bush 0/13 on forward;
Gives Spikes 4 to random ally (unlocks on level 11);

 Poisons 2 random enemy in line;
Block 4 (unlocks on level 11)

Other changes:

Bonus “Evolve gives +n% of souls” was removed from the game. Bonus “Evolve costs n% less” was accordingly improved, it compensates the loss from the removed bonus;
Added new bonus “Reborn returns n% of souls”, starting from VIP 13.