New Event!

April 19, 2018

The new “Event” is coming:

“Guilds and Betrayers” (starts on April 20 at 10:00 UTC):
The success of “Turf War” is based on cohesion of guildmates. But when a traitor appears in the guild not only the couple Provinces could be at risk, but the very existence of the Guild itself. Can you find the traitor and save your Guild?

Event cards:
Aphrodite, Love Goddess, Love Mage
Hanzo Sama, Ronin, Untouchable
Titania, Scarlet Warrior, Valkyrie

Balance Changes:

Dev’s Note: Be aware that all numbers are shown for the unpromoted versions of cards. Balance changes of cards from the upcoming Event will be applied at the beginning of the Event.


 End of turn: Deals DMG to enemy Warlord equal to a random ally HP;
 Start of Turn: Heals a random ally to MAX HP;
 Summon 1 Pentagram(s) +8 HP;

“Hanzo Sama”
 Kill: Gets Mental Shield;
 Counterattack – New skill. Performs a retaliatory attack if has been attacked
 End of Turn: Gets +5 ATK for each hero with Mental Shield;

 Evade – New skill. Evades ranged attacks;
 Mental Shield;
 End of Turn: +5 ATK to allied women;

“Tengu, Ravencrest”
 Enemy Appears: Set enemy Attack to 1 ATK (was to 0 ATK) for 1 turn;

“Groot, Silent Guardian”
 Silence enemies in line except Buildings (was Silence all enemies except Buildings);


“Love Goddess”
 Ally’s Block Triggered: +4 HP to melee allies;
 Summon 1 Pentagram(s) +3 ATK;

“Scarlet Warrior”
 Summons 2 Bowmasters 6/1 behind herself;
 Before enemy ranged attack: Gets +3 HP;
 Gets +10 HP for each ranged ally;


“Love Mage”
 Ally’s hero Death: Heals a random ally to MAX HP;

 +4 ATK to allies in line;