July 27, 2017

All our office is watching the new season of Game of Thrones. Do you KNOW that in the SEVENTH EPISODE… Oops

Do you watch this TV show? Or maybe a different one, or movie, anime? Of course, we all love Mighty Party. So tell us about it in your MEME, because we launch the new contest “MEMES PARTY!”.


1)Create a Meme connecting Mighty Party and your favorite thing from pop-culture(Music, Movie, Video-Game, Comix etc);
2)Post it in facebook comments section(DON’t FORGET to mention your ID);
3)Wait for the end of the contest and enjoy other works;
4)The winner will get a LEGENDARY chest!

*You can make as many memes as you want, but you have to post them in one message;
*Works without ID will be viewed, but won’t be considered;
*Support other participants!