Maw of Madness!

April 6, 2018


The new “Event” is coming:

“The Maw of Madness” (starts on April 6 at 10:00 (UTC)):
Do you hear a whisper of the maw? The voice is calling you! The reason was a fortuitousness that opened gates and awoke the ancient evil! Can you resist the madness or it devours you?

Dev’s Note: Be aware that all numbers are shown for the unpromoted versions of cards.


“TNT, Crazy Demolitionist” – 14/9, Ranged, Chaos
✔ End of Turn: Summons 1 Instant Kill Rune(s) on a random enemy cell(s);
✔ Enemy Hero Appears: Gets skill “Death: 4 DMG to enemies”;
✔ Splash 4 DMG;

“General Zor’Ma” – 5/33, Melee, Chaos
✔ Attacked: Summon a weak copy of himself on a random cell in a column;
✔ Start of Turn: +4 ATK to ranged allies for 1 Turn;
✔ Attack: Gets skill: “Attack: 7 DMG to enemy Warlord;

“Ysh’Tmala, The Old God” – 10/26, Melee, Chaos
✔ Attacked: Freezes ranged enemy heroes for 1 Turn;
✔ Immunity;
✔ Start of Turn: +8 HP to allies;


“Mr. Boom” – 7/13, Ranged, Chaos
✔ Start of Turn: +3 ATK to himself for each wounded enemy;
✔ Attack: 5 DMG to a random enemy;

“Old god’s servant” – 6/10, Melee, Chaos
✔ Attacked: Heals for 4 HP himself;
✔ Death: Kills a random wounded enemy;

“Terror From Below” – 6/10, Melee, Chaos
✔ Freezes Non-Chaos Hero that appears on the battlefield;
✔ Ally’s Vampire triggered: +4 HP to allies;


“Fireworker” – 5/7, Ranged, Chaos
✔ End of Turn: 2 DMG to enemies in a row;
✔ Splash 2 DMG;

“Faceless”[/b] – 7/2, Melee, Chaos
✔ +2 HP to himself for each ally;
✔ Regeneration +2 HP;

“Flesh Spawn” – 7/2, Melee, Chaos
✔ Freezes enemies in a row for 1 Turn;
✔ Start of Turn: 3 DMG to enemy Warlord;