Cross it off!

July 13, 2018

The new “Event” is coming:

“Cross it off” (starts on July 13 at 10:00 (UTC)):
When there is a need to convey the message to the princess of neighboring lands, our hero easily accepts. After all, this work is well paid. But the authority in the country was seized by bloodthirsty fanatics.

Dev’s Note: Be aware that all numbers are shown for the unpromoted versions of cards.

“D’arc, Iron Maiden” (new monster) 8/19, melee;
 Mental shield;
 Before enemy attack: Gives +5 hp to allies;

“Alexandria” 14/18, ranged
 Summons Little Life Palace 0/53 in front;
 End of turn: removes negative impact from allies (except silence);
 Attack: Silence enemy;

«Life Palace” 0/40, building;
 Heals your warlord for +7 HP for each ally;
 Start of turn: Heals all allies for +6 hp;
 Start of turn: heal your warlord for +3 HP;

“Athena” 11/23; ranged;
 Kill: summons Archers 6/3 around self;
 Ally Death: +4 attack herself;
 End of turn: Gives +3 attack to allies for each ally with Mental Shield;

“Battle Angel” 9/7, ranged;
 Ally appears; gets +5 hp herself;
 Ally death: Gives mental shield to random ally;

Other monsters changes:
 Enemy death (except Chaos): Summon the ghost 14/8 with Freeze in the first column;

“Leader Nilen”
 Enemy death (except Chaos): summons 2 Mummy 2/2 with poisoning;

 Other changes:
The demanded league for epic and rare monster upgrade was decreased;