May 31, 2018

Heroes! The new “Event” is coming:

“Cataclysm” (starts on June 1 at 10:00 (UTC)):
The Pangea world is in the epicenter of the cataclysm. Nature herself changed the normal passing of time putting inhabitants to the brink of extinction. Could heroes save the world or it will fall in front of them?

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Dev’s Note: Be aware that all numbers are shown for the unpromoted versions of cards.


“Bravi, Deadly Blade” – 14/11, Melee
 Swap ATK and HP of enemies in line;
 Enemy Warlord attacked: Deals n DMG to enemy Warlord;
 Kill: Gets Block n;

“Diana, Amazonian Queen” – 6/20, Melee
 Ally’s Pierce triggered: +n ATK to herself;
 Counter Attack;
 End of Turn: Gets Bonus HP equals to her ATK;


“Mjolnir, Lightning God” – 10/15, Ranged
 Gets “Deals n DMG to non-Order enemy that appears on the battlefield” for each hero on the battlefield;
 Ally’s Block triggered: Deals n DMG to enemy Warlord;
 Death: Gives “Evasion” to ranged allies;


“Crazy Harlequin” – 10/6, Melee
 Ally Warlord attacked: Swap ATK and HP of a random ranged enemy;
 Block n;

“Defender of Tribe” – 5/13, Melee
 Ally’s Pierce triggered: Gives n ATK to allies around herself;
 Ally’s Block triggered: +n HP to herself;

“Keeper of Storm” – 7/12, Ranged
 Deals n DMG to enemies in line for each Order ally on the battlefield;
 Attacked: Gives Mental Shield to a random ally;


“Jester-Killer” – 5/7, Melee
 Swap ATK and HP of a random enemy;

“Wild Huntress” – 3/11, Melee
 Ally’s Pierce triggered: Gives +n ATK to allies in line;
 Block n;

“Thunder” – 5/9, Ranged
 End of Turn: Deals n DMG to 2 random enemies;