April 13, 2018

Many of you may be heard there’s the second Mighty Party server. New players can’t find the popular guild they heard about or add friends that started the game before. It’s true.

The second Mighty Party server exists, and all new players start the game there. Why do we need the new server? Well, the main reason is that our current service can’t handle the growing player base. The new server will be fast and stable. All players will be moved to the new server shortly. So, don’t be surprised if you see new names and guilds in the ladder. Unfortunately, move takes too many resources. We do our best to make it happens more quickly. Also, move is connected with some troubles that we want to mention. First, we can’t make big updates while move isn’t finished because most part of the game is server-based. Second, the last tourney was ages ago: we’ve created new fun tourney system but we can’t implement it now. Big changes in “Turf Wars” will also be after that. Third, there are many technical issues like progress lost (if you encountered such issue, please, contact us via e-mail or in-game support), lack of Facebook login and Game Center. Anyway, server link will be in the nearest future. Stay tuned and follow the news on our Facebook page.